Holidays in Tuscany

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July and August are considered high season, (this is when the schools are closed for the summer holidays). Temperatures during the summer months vary from between 20°-35°C

June and September are low season - June is a great month with warm temperatures and long days, it doesn't get dark until about 9 o'clock. September can be a bit wet, but is a great month for nature lovers as this is when there is an abundance of chestnuts and wild mushrooms.

The other months of the year vary from cool, (May and October), to cold. In the winter (Dec, Jan, Feb), temperatures can go below freezing and it sometimes snows.

During the summer months and other important national holidays there are various traditional local festivals to visit, which range from food fairs where you can taste the local cuisine to festivals which re-enact the medieval history, traditions and crafts of the area; live music shows and literary fairs, (Pontremoli is famous as 'La Città del Libro', where the national literary book prize - il Premio Bancarella- is awarded every year.)

Grondola in winter time